Setting up

Here are some important things to keep in mind when integrating with our APIs.

We currently use OpenAPI 3.0 specification to specify and document our APIs, so it will be easy for you to make requests and observe the responses.

The first steps to start the integration process are defined below.

User account creation

  • Visit to our test environment
  • Create an account by typing a phone number with its respective country code. (Example: +520000000000)
  • When the platform asks for the verification code enter 123456.
  • Assign your password and security question.
  • Once your registration is complete, enter the platform with the previously registered data, remember that the verification code is 123456.

API key generation

After completing the registration process in you must enter the application through with the username and password assigned, it is important to note that the verification code is 123456 and once on the platform; in the navigation menu go to Developer and API Keys to generate the respective key.

This is an example of the request:

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: */*' \
  -H 'x-api-key: test'

Remember to use the api key generated in the request headers by adding the x-api-key

User approval

The user approval process is carried out by the system administrators, therefore when creating a user the approval request must be made to the administrators through Slack or email.